Over the years, ECOREFiX has completed countless renovations of home and office improvements in Ghana. Our focus and determination are both solely centred around you, the client. Your satisfaction is what makes us tick, and is the driving force that helps us to create and renovate the most stunning spaces. At ECOREFiX, we upcycle, recycle, renovate, remodel and attend to all your interior and exterior decor.

We are driven by a constant commitment to excel in all that we do and deliver the best results at an affordable price. We have been in the business and gained considerable experience in implementing building renovation and recycling strategies and also in delivering completed projects to our valued customers.

With your vision and our expertise, you can be sure that your home and office renovation will capture your heart and complement our skillfulness.

Our mission is to drive sustainability throughout our facility management process by recycling and upcycling everything possible to create an eco-friendly environment.
To be a leading facility management organisation that provides eco-friendly solutions to society.
  • Sustainability: We are driven by a desire to build a sustainable environment for our clients and the public.
  • Quality Service: We do our work and do it well. The services we provide are lasting and meet your needs.
  • Diversity: We promote inclusiveness and value the contributions of both our staff and clients.

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